You Mad, Bro? US resopnse to Russia’s Syria action is off the charts

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You Mad, Bro? US resopnse to Russia’s Syria action is off the charts

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Please like, link, share, publish, repost as you wish. Full transcript:Interview with PressTV about US’ ’You Mad Bro’ response to Russia’s coming to the aid of its Syrian ally.
"It’s very interesting to see the US pundit class and "senior administration officials" squirm. They are really squirming over this. And notice that they’re off-record. They just say ’senior administration officials.’ They are just freaking out that Russia did...what? Russia did exactly what they said they were going to do. And they [US officials] come in and say ’there’s no ambiguity remaining’ as to their agenda in Syria. Yeah, there’s no ambiguity because they were clear about it from the start.
The president of the country [Russia] goes on American national television, goes to the UN and lays out *exactly* what they’re doing: they’re helping an ally who is under attack from a foreign mercenary army. Will it be expensive? Yeah, it’ll be expensive. But the west should pay Putin back—because this is their genie that they let out of the bottle and they can’t quite get back in. It’s a nightmare—they’ve been fighting this fake war on ISIS, which is partly their creation or at least an outgrowth of death squads they have trained and funded going back to the 80s at least. And they want to be able to pick them up and put them down and pick them up and put them down—like chess pieces.
And the trouble is, you can’t do that. They’re terrorists—these psychotic, head-chopping lunatics. They have to be fought, obviously, and the US and its so called ’coalition of the willing’ is not serious. And they’re upset because Russia is coming to the aid of an ally. Who doesn’t assert that right? Of course, he is illegitimate in the eyes of the west. Because they say so? And also what is making people mad is that this is the end of that era, when a government—a sovereign government—can be declared illegitimate at the whim and the sayso of the US and its vassals. And therefore subject to a proxy take-down war by these death squads through a coup—"regime change."
The other side of that is that Obama is assumed to be legitimate, and Bashar is the Devil? Why is that? Obama is the head of a militarized police state whose cops are slaughtering black teenagers in broad daylight with impunity, who came to power by literally *buying* the office for three quarters of a billion dollars in the most corrupt, money-laundering oligarchic ponzi scheme that the world has ever seen—relabeled as ’democracy.’ And you know, they’re also mad because the Russians are doing it right. They’re correct, even if you don’t agree with it: There are two ways to get into this country. On is by invitation of the sovereign government, and the other is through the UN Security Council. Everything the Russians are doing is legitimate and legal. Everything the US and its proxy states are doing is illegitimate and illegal.
And so they have to engage in this propaganda war. They have to say—what was it they said the other day? That they had hit civilians. Of course, the US has been hitting civilians in Syria, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and everywhere else for years, but nobody gave a damn. So they put out this propaganda thing and the Russians called them on it—the story appeard even before Russian jets had left the ground. It was a pre-planted story. So they’re upset about all these things, and they can gnash their teeth and spout lies, and do whatever they want, because this is a very serious thing for them: an intel command including Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq to rid the Syrian countryside of these terrorist brigades that are propped up by the west. Good luck to them, and I hope to hell it works."


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