FRANCE – Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid! (double article)

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FRANCE – Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid! (double article)

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Sabba – Bernard Henri Lévy appointed himself as a ‘philosopher’ whilst for the past 40 years, all French intellectuals have been exposing him as a ‘useless piece of sh*t.’

BHL is a man of tremendous power. He has more power in France than the president himself. His power does not come from his ‘intellect’ nor does it come from his money, nor does it come from his books which nobody buys. His power only comes because he is a wealthy and well connected jew. A proud jew, a proud and brash supremacist jew who has been hailed by all as France’s Sayanim in Chief. 

Lies and drugs, scams and chutzpah have always accompanied his life. He is one of the most disgusting, stomach turning, repugnant being that exists on our planet. He is a forger and a liar, he is cynical, manipulative, blood thirsty and whatever he touches turns into blood and destruction (Bosnia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine…).

He was a staunch supporter of the Arab Spring because ‘it was good for Israel’ (his words on TV). He  has been relentlessly calling for the for the destruction of Syria AND Russia, he has suggested time and again that the UN should be bypassed if and when necessary.

And everything he does, he does because he is a jew, he does in the name of judaism, he does because judaism commands him to do so (his words on French TV).

As disgusting as he is, we need to point out that he is also among those contributing the most in the awakening of French  people to the perennial ‘jewish problem’. The more French people are forced to see him on TV ( and he appears on TV ALL the time so much so that many claim that he has the power of ubiquity), the more they are forced to hear him, the more jew-wise people are becoming. 

The rise of judeophobia in France is mainly his work either consciously or not.

So, yes indeed, “it’s judaism, stupid!”



Bernard-Henri Lévy:  Wars & Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid! LINK

Bernard-Henri Levy would not have gone to Libya had “he not been Jewish”: LINK


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