The word ‘anti-Semitism’ used as a weapon against the gentiles

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anti - The word ‘anti-Semitism’ used as a weapon against the gentiles Empty The word ‘anti-Semitism’ used as a weapon against the gentiles

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I received the material quoted below in a recent email. It is written by the renegade bishop of the Society of St Pius X,  Bishop Williamson (pictured), rejecting the Novus Ordo doctrine. 
Richard the Lionheart Williamson names the J-culprit square on, fearlessly. I might as well quote the letter in its entirety, since it is timely and definitely not off-topic:

Anti-Semitism” Trickery

Is the word “antisemite” wielded like a sword? Just ask the wielder to define the word.
There are treacherous words which seem to mean one thing and are used to mean quite another. One of the most treacherous words of all is “anti-semitism.” The word seems to mean opposition to all Jews purely and simply because they are Jews, and in this sense it rightly condemns something bad, because some Jews are wicked, but certainly not all. On the other hand it is often used to condemn absolutely any opposition to anything that any Jews do, and then the word is wrongly condemning something good, because whenever Jews do anything bad then opposition to them is good.
But do Jews do things bad? Obviously. They created Islam for Arabs, Freemasonry for Gentiles and Communism for the modern world, all three primarily to fight Jesus Christ and Christianity, and so send souls to Hell.
A book which all Catholics should read who wish to defend the Church against Islam, Freemasonry and Communism, now better known as “Globalism”, is The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay. The book was written just before Vatican II to be put into the hands of all Council Fathers, to warn them of the great danger in which the Church would find herself at the Council.
Sure enough, the Council Fathers ended up praising Islam (Unitatis Redintegratio), adopting Freemasonic principles (Dignitatis Humanae) and never mentioning, still less condemning, the evil system of Communism. Here is how in his Chapter on “Antisemitism and Christianity” Maurice Pinay analyses the treachery of the word “antisemitism”:
Down the ages the Jews have always used vague words with a variety of meanings, writes Pinay, to snare Gentile minds and so prevent them from defending themselves against the Jewish drive towards world domination in that 2000-year war on Christianity which he carefully documents throughout his book.
So in a first stage, by three arguments they seek to prevail upon Gentile leaders to condemn “antisemitism” in its first sense, given above, of opposition to everything and everybody Jewish: firstly, Christ, by establishing the equality of all men before God, condemned any such degrading of a whole race; secondly, Christ told all men to “love one another”; thirdly, Christ and his Mother were both Jewish.
But in a second stage the Jews, having once obtained the Gentiles’ condemnation of a vague “antisemitism,” then proceed to give the word a quite different meaning, the second sense above, of any and all opposition to anything whatsoever that Jews do.
Thus “antisemites” become:
— all patriots exerting their right of self-defence against Jewish subversion of their country; 
— all defenders of the family against the errors and vices of all sorts fomented by the Jews to dissolve it (e.g. abortion, pornography); 
— all Catholics defending their holy religion against every form of corruption being openly or secretly promoted by the Jews to undermine it; 
— all truth-tellers unmasking Jews as the originators of Freemasonry and Communism (now of Globalism and feminism, etc.); 
— and all people in general opposing Jewish subversion of the Church and of Christian civilisation.
By their control of politics, finance, films and above all by their media, the Jews have succeeded in giving such an electric charge to this one little word “anti-semite,” that it is enough to electrocute anyone that it touches.
But who is foolish enough to have allowed them to control politics and finance?
Who has allowed them to virtually monopolise the film industry and the media?
Who thinks it is so smart to have done away with all censorship and is now co-operating with them to enable them to censor the Internet?
The answer: Gentile liberals in every case, who are therefore being enslaved, by the minute, in their New World Order.
Doctor, cure thyself! — For who that reads their newspapers or watches their television programmes has anybody to blame but himself for letting them take over his mind and his civilisation?
Catholics, read The Plot against the Church.
If anybody is accusing you of being an “antisemite,” it is quite possible you have reason to be proud.
Kyrie eleison.
The good Bishop nails it.
With the exception of his brief comment on Islam, something I have trouble with, the points he makes are all valid.
No one has ever heard me dodging the supposedly defamatory adjective of  “anti-semite”: because I wear that epithet with pride. Truly, there should be an “Antisemite Pride Day”.
Celebrated worldwide.
The revulsion that dare not speak its name!
— Lobro


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