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There is an area of contention, or shall we say open discussion, that keeps bubbling up to the surface and is old as the hills. Our ancestors have spoken about this subject and historians have highlighted it.
The question being to whom should we focus our attention on – the perpetrators of evil, or the collaborators of evil? Who should we be blaming?
Some people will immediately be able to make a decision on this. To them it is black and white. It is painfully obvious and they are perplexed why we should even be discussing this topic, or why people focus on one or the other.
Some of us are ambiguous on this topic, some haven’t even given it much thought, and others think we should simply focus on both – the pesky jews and the scum traitors.
Whatever our position and whether it is obvious or not, I feel we must keep discussing this topic again and again and try our best to bring this important topic out to the surface.
It is vital that we try hard to be objective and see things from various angles, and look at the various arguments with an open mind. We may just be surprised how we hadn’t before seen a different slant to this contentious discussion. I would also suggest that we allow a 5/10% possibility that we may change our fixed opinion later on down the line.
Very crudely we could divide the argument into these three positions:

Had we not had these destructive, permissive jews in society we wouldn’t be living in this mess and there wouldn’t even be Shabbos Goy in the first place. The obvious and direct solution is to just deal with the jewish problem in its entirety – not wasting time on the minions of traitors – then society will organically resort back to it’s natural order; where we have equilibrium and we are in alignment with a civilised natural lifestyle. In a nutshell, simply focus all our attention on the root cause, not the plethora of symptoms, like we should do with health or any other subject. It’s so obvious. Why does our approach have to differ when we are dealing with the Truth? Deal with the root cause and the symptoms will go away. Simple.
Had we not had all these multilayer traitors and collaborators* then the jewish New World Order would not be able to materialise. It’s only ever these scummy traitors who are physical participants in our suffering. It’s the teams of goons and debt-collectors who physically turf us out of our dwellings and steal our processions. It is these traitorous goons who incarcerate innocent people speaking the Truth. Any focus of hatred should be on the lowlife scum, because the jew will always be the jew, like the snake will always be the snake. It is futile to expect them to be otherwise. So any vexing should entirely be against these traitors to humanity. Take the traitor out of society – and hey presto, the JWO will not be able to exist. Simple.
[* I tend to divide traitors and collaborators into two areas. My definition is that traitors are those amongst us (our own kin) who have decided to act on and serve the JWO (despite any ignorance). Whereas collaborators are non-jews who are high society tools for the jews – the real “Shabbos Goy”. They do not see themselves as us, they do not associate themselves amongst the common people. And they are knowingly participating in the NWO agenda.]
We have to focus on BOTH the jew and the plethora of traitors. Both are toxic to society. If there is a rotten window sill, we have to address the the sill as well as repair the broken rainwater gutter above the window, which is causing the drip drip drip onto the sill. Both need repairing/replacing. It is ineffective to just focus on the jew, or just focus on the traitor. Both root cause and symptom need addressing. Simple.

My position on all this tends to lean towards area C. My reasoning is that these days with the easily available access to the Truth, these traitors’ ignorance is inexcusable. Anyone can access the Truth now. The only people I let off the hook are elderly people who are not online, the mentally disabled and obviously children. But even school children now are finding out about the NWO in their schoolyard by looking on their phones. So there is zero excuse for these so called ‘intelligence’ agents at government level not to know what is going on. And every single member in public authoritative position. No fuckin’ excuse whatsoever!!
I’ve/we’ve had it with making endless excuses for these people. Ohh it’s cognitive distance, it’s the chemtrails, it’s the fluoridation of the water, it’s the education. FUCK OFF! We’ve all been exposed to this multi-dimensional attack. We’ve all grown up in this shitty toxic environment. There is no excuse for their levels of willful ignorance. And worse still, their direct destructive compliance.
It’s all choice. Every single day of their lives they are making that choice. Because every single day of their lives they have opportunities to look towards the Truth – be inquisitive, having a sense of curiosity, care about what is going on, care about others suffering, and care about their own demise. There is no excuse for their levels of apathy and pure unadulterated selfishness. And certainly no excuse for being a traitor.
I think about how often these days the Truth bursts to the surface into the public arena – for example a politician or celebrity spills the beans on what is going on. One example recently, here in England a main stream politician called Ken Livingston mentioned Palestine and the Transfer Agreement and that’s all he said, but there was uproar in parliament and he was slandered for being anti-Semitic (even though he was a left wing politician). So all one would need to do (with a scrap of curiosity) is google ‘The Transfer Agreement’ and not only would one discover untold Truths about the Jewish theft of Palestine, but notice the associated links!! ONE LINK BEING THE FILM: ‘THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD’.
So just by that one comment in mainstream media in Parliament, with a few clicks one can access the brutal Truth. No excuse – no excuse – no fuckin’ excuse for not knowing.
I cannot see an argument to excuse these people. To say “Well Digger they’re just damaged zombies – you have be understanding.” N0oooo. Not now. Maybe ten years ago. But not since broadband and the easy access to Truth online. These people are not stupid. This is my point. They are far more intelligent than I am. These people exceed in every level in their lives more than I/we do. These people are ‘successful’ achievers. They have the cognitive ability to work things out using logic. They are managers and designers and system analysts for gods sake. There is no excuse!!
Perhaps I’m being stupid, but I thought the police service is supposed to catch criminals. I thought the local council is supposed to look after their inhabitants. I thought those who place themselves in public office are to guard public interests. I thought that anyone with any position of public interest is to act in a responsible position for the peoples’ wellbeing. Perhaps I am just being naive.
If I had to explain to a little green-faced alien from another planet why planet Earth is in such a fucked up state, my simplistic explanation would be: most people care about their myopic self-serving interests. That’s it. We don’t have to make it any more complex than that. It’s pure unadulterated selfishness that we have allowed ourselves to be fucked over by these pernicious subversive jews.
And I know we could argue back ‘n forth whether or not this narcissistic/selfish state is our natural state, or it has just been systematically and consistently imposed upon us through the jewish influence. But that is here nor there. I almost see that as irrelevant, because WE HAVE CHOSEN TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO GET INTO THIS STATE. I cannot express this enough – it is all choice.
The jews offer us their poisons, temptations, addictions, materialism, kudos-based positions – it is CHOICE whether we accept these or not. It’s all ‘offer & acceptance’ the whole way.
Yes I accept that children are now being incrementally normalised into this toxic environment – so they (we) grow up thinking that this is somehow natural. But it still gets back to the parents and the caretakers and the authoritative positions who allow this.
Every single one of these non-jewish traitors and collaborators have made and continue to make their daily choice. At this stage in the game there really is little grey area now. They know exactly what they’re up to. It is too easy to say it’s their subconscious mind and they’re in a hypnotic trance – therefore they’re excused. Nonsense. The opportunities to face the Truth now are screaming out at us these days. Yes we too were once asleep, but that too is no argument. We were asleep years back when there wasn’t such easy access to Truth. Plus our lives were not too bad back then; we had relative comforts, therefore could not see the tyranny so much.
I have personally spoken to debt collectors and police officers who are aware of the NWO. Yet they still choose to remain in their positions and do the dirty deed against their fellow mankind. I say get these scum in the gulags.
Now we are being attacked at every conceivable level. Mass invasion of our borders/countries, screwed by usury-based debt, sprayed like bugs from chemtrails, depravity pushed in mainstream media, people being turfed out of their family homes, mass unemployment for indigenous people, and a general degradation of society. So any one of these paths has to take one to the Truth. There is no excuse for not waking up – but worse to be complicit and assisting this tyranny. There is no excuse!!

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