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I am constantly getting new emails from a wide variety of sources asking me to take a look at material put up by some of the great writers out there in the alternative media and/or the real truth movement.... And for this article, I want to present one that is full of real truths about the evil criminals out there that want world domination and our demise....

Right now, I want to present an absolutely great new article from Jim Stone, who of course writes his blog "Jim Stone Freelance" at This one is entitled: "The Jews Are Begging For The Holocaust To Happen For Real" and I do recommend that everyone read it for themselves... I have it right here in its entirety, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

by Jim Stone

July 8th 2017

The more astute will realize that the Jews pulled the six million crap with World War 1 also, but it failed because nothing at all happened. Up until the late 70's the world war 2 six million crap flopped also because despite Hitler actually doing something, there was no extermination campaign, only an imprisonment campaign and it took them that long to re-write the history. Quite a few people died in the prison camps, they were not nice, but the numbers were no where near what is presently claimed and included all prisoners, not just Jews.
Whatever happened, they made a full recovery and in this day and age, they are:

1. Openly and actively subverting the President of the United States.

2. Ensuring they own the future of food by making everything GMO so they own the patents on the seeds, and deny everyone the god given right to plant seeds that are the product of subsequent agriculture. Additionally, the GMO variants do not even register in tests as being legitimate versions of what is claimed. Worse, the Jews have infiltrated many governments, and at that level have successfully made it illegal to plant heirloom seeds, with their greatest success stories being in Africa. It is obvious what their end game is with this.

3. Rigging ALL elections to the maximum extent possible, so the will of the people is not heard, only their agenda is.

4. Destroying as many children as possible as much as possible with intentionally tainted vaccines that wreck all that receive them, with the most damaged showing the damage as autism.

5. Causing the bankruptcies of nations via rigged central banks, only to receive 10 or more times the amount of the actual bankruptcy values in the form of "bailouts" which are then used to buy up assets and establish Jewish monopolies on everything in business. This will ensure Jewish supremacy over anyone who rises up to compete in business because if the Jews own all the major stores (they now do) they can kill any competition by simply refusing to put the competition's products in their stores.

6. Destroying the entire backbone of Western civilization via brainwashing in college, destruction of men in family courts in an effort to make sure their influence is greatly diminished, and forced and unwanted immigration no Western nation is actually asking for on a root societal level.

7. They have attained approximately 95 percent ownership of all media and communications, which they are now using to crush legitimate discussion and bury the truth to the maximum extent possible. This extends to the intelligence agencies which have been fully infiltrated and now act only as arms of a great hedgemony that will quickly isolate and/or kill anyone who presents a threat to the Jewish agenda.

8. They have successfully usurped the entire medical industry and system of checks and balances, which is supposed to keep destructive drugs (like antidepressants) out of the hands of the greater public. While doing so, they have increased the cost of medical care by up to a thousand times in some cases, and at least 10X in all cases. Obviously they see the medical system as a weapon that can be exploited to destroy a nation.

The Jews may be facing a holocaust for real this time around, because despite the fact that they have overtaken a lot, it appears to have been a day too late, and too many people know too much. What is the fitting revenge for destroying countless millions of children via tainted vaccines? What is the legitimate revenge for the pain and suffering they have caused with the family courts? And I did not even mention their wars and extermination programs (like what happened in Ukraine) which are widely known, or their expungement of our historical record via the destruction of the libraries, and subsequent wiping of the internet, indeed, the list of their crimes is so huge that it is impossible for an individual to even scratch the surface.

They did too much while being too vulnerable, and what has happened to CNN proves it. Too many people see right through them at this point, and if they try to spring their trap (they probably will) at this point, it will likely backfire badly, and trigger a real extermination effort. And I won't cry.

NTS Notes:  OK, I must again reiterate that as a Canadian, I cannot officially "question" the so called "Holocaust" of the Second World War, for even asking questions about that "official history" in this nation can get anyone jail time.. .Yes, that is how sick and twisted Canada has become and how this nation is not free at all but is subjugated to thought crimes imposed on Canadian citizens thanks to these same criminal Jews that Jim Stone so eloquently discusses in this article...I therefore leave it up to readers to study for themselves and to judge for themselves as to the validity of the "Holocaust"....

I will say that Jim Stone is spot on in terms of everything he presents here in his article...The Jews are indeed the parasites of this planet and have brought ruination to all of mankind thanks to their insane actions and their insane lust for dominion over all mankind...

I am reminded of one famous quote that one Jewish writer, Maurice Samuel, said many years back, and I want to present that quote here:

"We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.  NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands.  We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build." --"You Gentiles"p.155  Maurice Samuel

Lets face it, for there is no room on this planet for such evil.... It will indeed eventually come down to a time when we will all have the choice to no longer put up with such evil or face our own annihilation....

I for one have long wanted to see these monsters change their evil ways and actually want to live in our society in peaceful coexistence and harmony... However, times have changed, and I too cannot see a future for this planet unless their evil is eliminated, sad to say......

And tough shit to anyone that wants to continue to call those who see the reality of such evil, "Antisemites".... Reality is reality here, and its time for people to wake the hell up.....

More to come


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