The Wars Of The Jews”, Part I - II

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The Wars Of The Jews”, Part I - II

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The Wars Of The Jews”, Part I

Convicting the Jews – Part 1: Never an Honest Jew (MUST READ!!!)

Supreme thieves and criminals. Perverts beyond compare. Genocidal hypocrites. Betrayers of Mankind. Yes, these are all apt descriptions of the Jews. The lowest of scum holding themselves superior to all of Humanity, these are the Jews. But you would never know it if you relied upon what the Jews tell you about themselves blaring from every loud speaker, newspaper and TV tube. Puffed up with the haughty pride of a skunk on holiday, that’s the Jew.

By Bamboo Delight

In modern America and Europe, it is as if that old mobster, Al Capone, owned all of the radio, TV and print media outlets. Would he advertise himself as a pimp, murderer, tax evader, bootlegger and child molester? Would he admit his crimes on TV and radio so that the police and FBI could haul him off to prison? Certainly not!

If Al Capone owned all of the Media, then ABC (Al’s Broadcasting Corporation), NBC (Neapolitan Broadcasting Corporation), CBS (Capone’s Broadcasting System) and the BBC (Bambino Broadcasting Corporation) would fill the airwaves with laudatory news stories and tear-jerking entertainments depicting Capone’s poverty-stricken childhood. Docu-dramas larded with movie stars would applaud his heroic struggle against the bigots who forever oppose his right to make money at his chosen profession. Fast-paced news stories would report on the latest efforts of law-enforcement to incarcerate those who questioned Al Capone’s right to exist as a misunderstood Italian immigrant with relatives in the numbers rackets and banking.

His enemies would be hauled before TV cameras, slandered, humiliated and ridiculed for their hate, bigotry and opposition to such an innocent saint as Al Capone. That’s how the media would respond under the ownership of an Al Capone. And when all else failed to silence his critics, he would send his goons to his critic’s homes to harass and beat them, to physically assault their families and fire bomb their homes or to assassinate them.

Does this sound familiar?

Ask yourself, if Al Capone owned the Media, would the People look at him as a sleazy thug and murdering bootlegger or as a misunderstood and successful businessman in a silk suit? Go ahead and ask yourself that question. How would the Media depict Al Capone if Al Capone owned the Media? Like a sinner or like a saint?

This kind of character morphing goes to anyone who owns the Media. In the USA and Europe, the Jews own the Media, all of it. And so, whatever you hear or see on the Media about the Jews, is what the Jews want you to hear and see. Does the Jew-owned Media show Jews crashing the economy, raping children, swindling retirees, debauching people with booze and gambling and dope, operating the Russian Mafia, bribing and blackmailing politicians, murdering millions of people with disease and warfare and impoverishing entire nations with banking swindles? Or does the Media claim that the Jews are deserving of our sympathy as misunderstood and successful businessmen in silk suits?

When the Founding Fathers of the United States built a Constitution that guaranteed freedom of the press, they understood that an independent Media would guarantee an honest government through the reporting of the facts. They trusted that the wisdom of the People to democratically choose the best course for the country depended upon the People having truth and facts upon which to base our decisions at the voting booths. And these truths and these facts were to be delivered to us through an independent media.

So, the Jews began buying up the independent newspapers, telegraph companies, radio, TV and motion picture production companies until they owned them all. The result is a Media that tells us constantly that the Jews are misunderstood and successful businessmen in silk suits.

But if it is such a one-sided story, shouldn’t we ask ourselves the simple question: Are the Jews telling the truth or are they lying to us?

According to Jesus Christ, the Jews are “liars, deceivers, hypocrites and murderers, the very children of the devil.” Oy Vey! Oy Vey! And they own all of the media that you watch. But hey! That’s just His opinion, isn’t it? What did Jesus know about Jews? Jesus didn’t have television to tell Him what the Jews were like; He depended upon his own observations and first-hand experience.

If you look for something to base your own opinion about the Jews upon, then you really have to study Jews for yourself as gingerly as you would study rats or vampire bats. This is because the quality test of any religion is not how true it is but what kinds of people it produces. And once you study the kinds of people that are produced by Judaism, then you will know that you should have spent your time studying something more wholesome and pleasant such as rats and vampire bats instead of studying Jews.

Oy Gevalt! How does this relate to the “holy and pious” Jews who so loudly proclaim themselves to be “holier than the angels” and the “very apple of God’s eye”? Again, it doesn’t matter what the Jews claim; all that’s important is what the Jews do. Whether Judaism is true or false matters less than what the effects of Judaism have upon the Jews. Good fruit grows on healthy trees. Rotten fruit grows on diseased trees, just as rotten Jews grow out of a diseased religion.

So then, what are the effects of Judaism on the Jews? Making a very short list of their deeds, you will find that:

$$$ The bankers who have swindled the wealth out of the USA and Europe are mostly Jews.

$$$ The financiers of Wall Street and London who are putting the USA into international monetary crises though home loans and money market scams, are mostly Jews.

$$$ Communism which caused limitless suffering and which murdered over 100 million people worldwide was a Jewish political scam, conceived, financed, operated, promoted and profited overwhelmingly by Jews. Communism is Jewish.

$$$ Jews are the most prolific mass murderers in the history of the world. $$$ Most of the old mobsters during Al Capone’s time were Jews and the Russian Mafia today is really an organized criminal gang composed almost entirely of Jews.

$$$ The Federal Reserve Banking System which caused the Great Depression as well as the present financial crises is a privately owned Jewish bank swindling the wealth out of the People and the Nation. All of our so-called “National Debt” goes directly into Jewish pockets.

$$$ The medical, insurance and drug cartels, which are sucking both the health and the wealth out of every American, are controlled by the Jews.

$$$ Pornography, gambling, prostitution and drugs are Jewish monopolies.

$$$ The Jews owned the Opium Monopoly that destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Chinese but they put the blame for this drug trade and the Opium Wars upon the British.

$$$ Both World Wars as well as every war since the French Revolution was caused by the Jewish bankers and the Jews in the Media.

$$$ The War in Iraq is designed solely to protect Israel and to create profits for the Jewish bankers and industrialists while murdering both Muslims and Christians.

$$$ The worst spies and the biggest traitors to America have been and are Jews.

$$$ The biggest thieves and swindlers are Jews.

$$$ The worst homosexual perverts, deviants, and child molesters are Jews.

$$$ The abortion doctors are mostly Jews.

$$$ The ones who are committing genocide by destroying the white races of America and Europe through miscegenation, immigration and open borders are the Jews.

$$$ The ones who profit from out-sourcing our businesses and moving our manufacturing to Third World countries and so crashing our economies for a profit, are the Jews.

And the list goes on and on.

And so, what you will find when you look at the kinds of people who are Jews, you will find thieves, murderers, swindlers, traitors and perverts in far greater numbers than are found from among the adherents of any other religion. But to find the reason that the Jews are such treacherous devils, we will have to look at who teaches them to be evil. And that would be the rabbis.

The basic teachings of all of Judaism come directly from the rabbis. So, first, let’s see what kind of creatures the rabbis are.

Are the rabbis honest? Absolutely not! Here is a teaching of the rabbis that they wrote in their Babylonian Talmud, Baba Kama 114a: the rabbis teach the Jews that thieves and robbers obtain legal ownership of what they have stolen as long as the victims have given up hope of ever recovering the stolen articles. In fact, the rabbis encourage the Jews to be thieves because unlike the non-Jews who are under a legal system that enforces the laws against theft, the Jews are under no such laws.

Under Jewish law, if the Jews steal something, there is no way the victim will ever get it back. And so, according to the rabbis, whatever a Jew steals is his to keep as long as the theft is so perfect that the victim gives up trying to recover it. According to Rabbinic teaching if the owner gives up on trying to recover the stolen goods, he also gives up ownership. So, ownership devolves to the Jew who stole it.

This is why the Jewish bankers have had written into our laws that when they have swindled a nation’s wealth then they are allowed to keep the money that they have stolen. The People give up trying to get our money back because the theft is covered up in the Media by what is called “banking reform”.

Those foolish Christians who believe that the Jews are bounded by the Commandment, “Thou Shall Not Steal”, are deceived. The rabbis teach that the Commandments were given to the Jews, alone, and not to the Gentiles. And so, according to the rabbis, “Thou Shall Not Steal” means a Jew should not steal from another Jew but it is perfectly okay for a Jew to steal from a non-Jew, as long as he doesn’t get caught. If a Jew can steal something without getting caught, he is considered a “pious Jew”. But if he gets caught, then the rabbis castigate him for giving a bad name to Judaism, but he still gets to keep his loot.

The rabbis are pious and holy men, aren’t they? Isn’t that what the Media is always telling us about them? Then, why would the rabbis make theft a part of their teachings? You would have to read a bit farther in this teaching of Baba Kama 114a to understand this. As an extension of their Talmudic law encouraging the Jews to rob and steal, the rabbis furthermore teach that anything stolen makes a good gift for the rabbis! In fact, ten percent is the usual tithe that is raked off by the rabbis and accepted as donations from Jewish thieves and Jewish swindlers. The rabbis accept any and all loot as proof of a Jewish thief’s “piety”.

Thus, when such murdering criminals as Meyer Lansky donated some of his loot to the rabbis, he was declared to be “a pious Jew”. Is it any wonder that the world’s biggest organized crime characters, the Jewish gangsters of the Russian Mafia, the Wall Street swindlers and Jewish banking fraudsters, all stash their loot in Israel under the full protection of the Israeli government?

After all, they are pious Jews who have stolen the life’s saving of retirees and taken the food from the mouths of babes and thrown millions of people into the streets as homeless and penniless paupers. But in Israel, they are heroes and successful businessmen in silk suits who can never be extradited because they are “such pious Jews”. And the rabbis all get their “tithe” of the loot, too.

That’s Judaism in action today – an international organized criminal syndicate masquerading as a religion.

Are the rabbis the moral and holy men that the Jew-owned Media claims that they are? Not at all! To a rabbi, following the Jewish Laws is all that matters and is the only thing that makes a Jew “observant and pious”. But since these laws are the laws of criminals and perverts, those who follow such laws become “observant and pious” criminals and perverts.

Yet, aren’t the rabbis truthful and pious men? No, they are not!

This is most simply seen in the promise that the Jews make to themselves every year during what they call the High Holy Days of Yom Kippur. During these ceremonies the Jews all stand and repeat the Kol Nidre Vow which is: “All vows, oaths, promises, engagements, and swearing, which, beginning this very day of reconciliation till the next day of reconciliation, we intend to vow, promise, swear, and bind ourselves to fulfill, we repent beforehand; let them be illegalized, acquitted, annihilated, abolished, valueless, unimportant. Our vows shall be no vows, and our oaths no oaths at all.” [Schulchan Aruch, Edit. I, 136] So, standing before their god, the Jews promise to tell lies and to break promises for a whole year in advance! That the Jews promise to tell lies, is the only promise that they keep for the whole year.

A Jew can solemnly promise you anything with a sincere and straight face while simultaneously breaking his word even as the words leave his lying mouth. To do this, according to the teaching of the rabbis, all he has to do is remember the Kol Nidre vow that he made at the beginning of the year. As the rabbis teach in Nedarim 23b: “And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, ‘Every vow which I may make in the future shall be null’. His vows are then invalid, providing that he remembers this at the time of the vow.”

As you can see, the rabbis teach the Jews how to deserve their ancient name as “lying, thieving Jews”.

No Jew can be trusted to tell the truth or to keep his word. No Jew is qualified for any office that requires an Oath of Office or for any profession such as medicine where a Hippocratic Oath is administered or for any position where money is being used. The Jews, by their very religion, are lying deceivers and thieves. Telling lies and stealing from the non-Jews is part and parcel of Judaism.

But aren’t the Jews those wonderfully holy “People of the Book” that the deluded Muslims and the deceived Christians believe are followers of the Old Testament? Not at all! The Jews use the Old Testament as a kind of alibi or false front to hide their real beliefs and practices. The actual teachings of the rabbis are found in their Babylonian Talmud. This is a huge collection of Jewish Laws that completely negate and turn upside down every Law of the Old Testament. And what is the reverse and opposite of the “Word of God” other than the “Word of the Devil”? This is what the rabbis teach, the opposite of what the Old Testament says. And that which is not completely opposite has been warped and twisted by the rabbis into a demonic falseness.

The Jewish bankers control the economy, the Jewish financiers control the stock markets, and after swindling the entire nation, the Jews who control Congress gave the bankers additional billions of tax dollars “to save the system”. The Jewish bankers, stockbrokers and financiers alone benefited. With all of these Jewish thieves in silk suits stealing the Nation’s wealth, what makes you so certain that the Jews who report the news in the Media are telling you the truth about what happened to your money?

All of these Jewish newscasters and reporters stand in the synagogue every Yom Kippur and promise their god that they will lie whenever it benefits them to do so. When the Jewish bankers steal your money, are you going to believe the Jewish Media as they solemnly tell you how it happened and who is to blame, confidently intoning the Jewish mantra about “business cycles”, “economic down turn”, “unforeseen circumstances” and a thousand other reasons given to boggle your mind without ever once telling the truth?

The truth is, the Jews stole our money and defrauded our nation. They are lying Jews and nothing more.

The big Jews steal and the little Jews cover up the crime with their lies.

And they all divide the loot through a web of Jewish “charities” and money laundering banks. Or if they don’t directly benefit in a share of the loot, they feel good about themselves for being “pious Jews” successfully telling lies to the People.

Judaism is the world’s oldest organized criminal conspiracy. As the Jew TV reporters and Jew financial experts obfuscate where all of the money disappeared, eventually the People give up trying to figure out what happened to all of those trillions of dollars because we trust our politicians to do their jobs. But the Jews bribe, blackmail and own the politicians as well as all of the Media. And so, by Jewish Law, all of that money automatically belongs to the Jews because We the People, gave up on trying to figure out where it all went.

A liar usually has an advantage over a truthful person because such devious people profit from truth and from lies. The Jews are criminals who use a fake religion to hide their criminal activities. It is for this reason that I am writing this series, using the very words of the rabbis to convict the Jews.

Source–Bamboo Delight 


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