“Occupied and Defeated America” and the Syrian Air Strike

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“Occupied and Defeated America” and the Syrian Air Strike

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Editor’s note:  The US has made a glaring error, one that exposes more than simple fake terrorism.  The alleged “gas attack” in Douma, just outside Damascus was staged assuming that US controlled terror groups were planning on holding out until an American air attack could save them.
Instead, they surrendered hours later and were transported out of the area leaving Russian troops to immediately move in.  No gas victims were evacuated with the terrorists, no doctors found, no “White Helmets” and no dead.
None of it even happened, worse yet, it all seem to have been filmed in Idlib, over 200 miles away.  Filming locations don’t exist in Douma.
Worse still, the area was immediately opened to the press but nothing was reported.  No video was taken, no victims examined, live or dead, but none of this was reported either.
This is living proof there is 100% control of Western media.  This is also why Russia is angry enough to risk a full scale war with the US.
We have pushed too far.  Where are America’s political and military leaders?  I can tell you now that many in DC are going into hiding.  Others are terrified of being “accidented” by Trump’s “Black Cube” death squads out of Israel including FBI agents  and counter-terrorism investigators from the Pentagon who know the whole thing is fake.
Washington is living under mob terror rule with Mossad hit teams running rampant.  The US is truly an occupied and defeated nation… Gordon Duff
This is non native English report
Veterans Today, Damascus: Any observer understands by strategy was expecting such a Zionist American aggression on one of the Syrian military sites, especially air, for the following reasons:
1 – The rapid fall of the most important fortifications and military sites fortified for the Pentagon and his fiancees of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel in the eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital Damascus and the important role played by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian air space forces in the destruction of fortifications and lines of defense for the terrorists of the Rahman Corps and the Nasera NATO agricultural in the eastern Ghouta facilitated the penetration of the ground forces and from several axis at one time to the sites of terrorists and inflict heavy losses. This led to their collapse and surrender and this is repeated with the Army of Islam in Douma.
2 – Western and Israeli media pricing against Syria, Iran and Russia, specifically against Russian President Vladimir Putin personally and the invitation of France and several European countries to the Security Council for the meeting this evening after the vulgar play on the use of the Syrian army for chlorine gas in Duma and achieve victory and progress on all axis and rudeness reached Pimp President Trump in his Twitter on Twitter, which used the words of insulting talk about Mr. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the same foul words that he used before directing the US missile strike on the airport Shaerrat since Counting the play as well as chemotherapy in Khan Shaikhoun …..
According to preliminary data, the missile strike on the airport was carried out by the Zionist enemy and there are several objectives, the most important of which is the mixing of papers and the recent attempt to obstruct the implementation of the Eastern Gauta Agreement in Duma, which will open the way for the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to move south towards Daraa and towards Quneitra and Damascus. Which is openly allied with the Zionist enemy, which will strike a decisive and final blow to the Zionist intervention in the Syrian issue. This also explains the Zionist hysteria and its tailors and servants from the colonial leaders of the West and the deaf ears of the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Emirate of what has happened in the eastern Ghouta in recent weeks.
We must in Syria absorb this blow quietly and without emotion and be dragged behind the instinct and emotions and continue to implement the solution imposed on the terrorists of the Army of Islam in the Duma and the liberation of all the kidnapped and the bodies of the martyrs of them and the transfer of these bastards murderers of the terrorists of the Army of Islam to Grapples and start a large-scale simultaneous military operation to liberate the towns And the Yarmouk camp and the Black Stone from the abomination of terrorists and then the launch to end another important chapter of our national war against terrorist armed groups across the Daraa and Quneitra are finally cleared of these takfiri gangs.
After that, we must think and act by directing a sudden and strong military response by our surface rockets at an Israeli military airport with the Ben-Gurion civilian airport, wounding them and directing salutes towards the Israeli gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea and towards the Israeli Ammonia tanks in Haifa.
Their injury will have a great impact will be silenced this arrogant enemy and will push his allies to go to the Russian ally to calm the situation and we have crowned our victories in the southern regions of Syria to change the rules of engagement and rules of the game with the Zionist enemy with work for hard to develop air defenses system in coordination and cooperation with our allies and our friends the Russians and Iranians.
Dr.. Bassam Habib Barakat
Academic and Esterategic Researcher

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