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Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis

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Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis Empty Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis

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Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis Xtitel-divide-et-impera.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-ulmjt1QkC

“As the Devil plays chess with God . . . “


LD:  Two diametrically opposite viewpoints are presented here. Both writers agree that the Jews are our main problem, but on most other matters they disagree. The first writer, Lobro, has a great admiration for Donald Trump and hopes that Trump will one day become the Hammer of the Jews. He sees Trump as the “New Stalin” and assumes without question that Stalin was one of the good guys, a heroic figure cruelly misunderstood and much maligned — just like Donald Trump.
The second writer, Arch Stanton, questions these assumptions. He has no time for Donald Trump whatsoever and even less time for Stalin. He regards Stalin as one of the world’s most tyrannical psychopaths. “Stalin,” he tells us elsewhere, “was clearly a megalomaniac. A bloodthirsty murderer.”
Both writers present their respective cases very well, with considerable verve and panache, and therefore both require a respectful hearing — even though both of them cannot be right. [LD]


LOBRO :  Let me talk about something a bit off-side, yet important in that it helps to fix the mind on the big picture, allowing us to fill in the in-depth details later.
Note that Russia’s military budget is about $60 billion, roughly 10 percent of the US military budget,  yet in terms of overall field effectiveness there is no comparison. For every dollar the Russians spend on armaments, they are getting ten dollars worth.
So what is going on? This: Russia’s military ambitions are limited and highly focused. The Russians are not interested in global dominance. They are primarily interested in defending Russia and its territorial integrity. That makes their task easier, because their aims are more modest. Their first job is to make sure they can defend their own land so as to ensure that they cannot be easily threatened by hostile outsiders. This they have achieved.
They have achieved the ability to strike quickly and intelligently, to set up a strictly defined operation, and to get out after completing it successfully. In Syria, for example, having taken the requisite action, they leave behind a skeleton crew to monitor the outcome of their meticulously planned strategy, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.
What about the US?
Here we encounter an entirely different situation.
The US sees itself as an “Empire”, Pax Americana, treading in the noble footsteps of Pax Britannica and Pax Romana, two empires that once bestraddled much of the known world and are now dust and ashes. In reality, there is no such thing as an American empire. There is simply a rabbinical golem designed for one reason only: to bring about the Jew’s kingdom on earth.
That’s what the American Empire is all about; it’s a tool to bring about Jewish world domination. America has never been anything but that: a giant slave plantation where the slaves think they run the world, when in reality they must beg for every washroom break without realizing it.
Americans are happy to think of themselves as being Jew-lite but this is wishful thinking. I don’t need to belabor this point, many top Jews having bragged about it publicly — in the Knesset, in Hollywood, in academic treatises, in the mass media. The very title of Yuri Slezkine’s famous book, The Jewish Century, tells its own tale.
So, in order to conquer and run the world, the American military needs to project massive, intimidating power to every corner of the globe simultaneously. They need to meddle in the affairs of far flung countries, crushing the various people they invade with all the most evil mass murdering weapons ever imagined. From Dresden onwards, they do this in order to bring about Deuteronomy to the shocked and awed goyim and grind them into unthinking obedience.
All this takes big bucks. Mass murder doesn’t come cheap. So the ordinary American, not noted for his superlative brilliance, puts his nose to the grindstone and lends his support to Project Lucifer. He makes himself an unwitting agent of his Jewish Overlord. With the sweat and blood of their brothers, their sons, their doggedly toiling neighbors, these simple-minded Americans put their shoulders to the wheel and play their parts in the great drama of global genocide. They kill their own goy brethren to appease the bloodlust of their Jewish masters.
Meanwhile, the Jew must keep the wretched charade up: the state of mental debility and incomprehension, which is why Americans cannot remember where Mexico is relative to Canada. This is why Americans, and to a large extent NATO countries too, must be taught to hate Muslims and other Third Worlders, it being necessary to whip them up into a killing frenzy over places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, so they don’t feel too bad when their noble armed forces rain down death and destructions on wedding parties, hospitals and schools in backward countries where blood comes cheap.
The daily butcher’s bill drawn up by the Jew requires manufactured hate, manufactured ignorance, manufactured lunacy.
I never tire of pointing out that at the turn of the 20th century, there were 7 million Jews in Russia and a negligible number of Jews in North America. And yet a hundred years later, you see the exact reverse. It’s now over six million Jews in America, roughly 40 per cent of total world Jewry, and barely  200,000 Jews left in Russia. This huge relocation bears thinking about. What is going on?
This is how I see it.
Khazars, Huns, Mongols, the steppe robbers and marauders of Central Asia would at one time ride along to suddenly overwhelm some unsuspecting community in Russia: killing, raping, pillaging and making off with the loot, and then on to the next settlement in search of further victims. They kept a spare herd of horses, so that when one of the horses tired, they swapped it for another. In this way they kept moving, without a break.
These frightening Asiatic hordes, what became of them? They didn’t die out. They evolved, their underwent a subtle metamorphosis, they changed their camouflage and their clothing. And here they are now — in America! They swapped Russia for America, moving over en masse from the 1880s onward in a series of migrations allegedly caused by pogroms and persecutions in their Asiatic backyard.
Having destroyed Russia, they found a new home in America. The rest is history. And a new history begins now.

—   §   —

Next comes something that puzzles me to no end.
The time now approached when they were all set to grab the whole world by the throat. They had at their disposal the brain dead rambo underlings of their new country, armed to the teeth, to do their bidding and fight their wars for them. They succeeded spectacularly in overthrowing the Soviet Union. If all had gone according to plan, the Jewish oligarch agents for Rothschild would have turned Russia into a satrapy of the United States. Russia would have been Zog 2  to America’s Zog 1. If they had succeeded, it would truly have been game, set and match to them.
But no, it was not to be! Fate decreed otherwise.
As the coronation moment approached, the Jews stumbled and collapsed, like a chain of valets crashing down the castle staircase.
—   §   —

Something went badly wrong at the last moment, almost like some sort of miraculous Fatima intervention. It seemed too unlikely to be accidental.
The moment of big triumph could have occurred after the Bolshevik Revolution, but Stalin threw a monkey wrench into that scheme. So the next big push had to be put off until later. In 1990 that time of triumph seemed to have come, with the demise of the Soviet Union. But again something happened that helped to snatch victory away from the world destroyers: the rise of Vladimir Putin.
Under Putin, Russia awoke from its coma. New life was breathed into the corpse, much to the rage of those who had sought Russia’s ruin.
And now, we have Donald Trump, when the world destroyers are desperate to throw the kitchen sink at Russia and get the job done. And Trump isn’t doing it for them. Which makes them angry. I understand their pain – and I am enjoying it quite a bit.
There is still quite a bit of work left to do before we can dismantle Project Lucifer. If the world destroyers succeed in getting rid of Trump – this is where the bouncing ball is at right now – things will heat up mighty fast.
What does the future hold?
We’ll have to wait and see, as the Devil plays chess with God.
ARCH STANTON :  Here are a few facts as I see them.
(1) Trump is the Jew’s front man for WWIII. I wrote this six months before the election and events are now bearing out this prediction.
(2) Jews intentionally put Trump into office, making it look like “the people” elected him by pitting him against the lowest form of political scum that ever slimed its way into Washington DC.
(3) Despite all their moaning and kvetching, Jews did nothing about Trump other than whine and kvetch to a point where they worked up the “left’s” violent insanity. This violence is now going viral. Considering the fact Jews had a sitting president, JFK, murdered in 1963, it is impossible to believe all they could do about Trump prior to the 2016 election is whine and kvetch.
(4) Through auspices of organization like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, Jews have called off the police in stopping the violence of the “left,” allowing matters to become more violently insane by the day. Given the “hands off” attitude by the legal authorities, members of the radical “left” are now pushing matters to their limits.
(5) Jews have are putting more pressure on the so-called “alt-right” by having police step on their legal, constitutional right to protest while maintaining a “hands off” policy towards the left’s obvious violent criminal actions. This is creating increasing pressure on the so-called “alt-right,” the very people that elected Trump.
(6) Knowing this is the case, the left is ramping up their violence, egged on by media Jews who remain in the shadows as usual.
(7) Trump has now denounced many of his own supporters using the Jew media’s “hot button” terms, leaving them more disorganized by his lack of support.
(Cool True white opposition is rapidly being pushed to the point where only the following choices remain:
(a) Fully submit to the Jew’s agenda.
(b) Fight the Jews and their violent sycophants to the death or,
(c) Die violently at the hands of a murderous “left” while trying to peacefully protest the hypocritical outrage to their opposition. None of these options bother Jews in the least.
Should a civil war ensue, it will allow Jews to obliterate what remains of any real opposition to their agenda. Draconian legal measures will be called on to quell the uprising, providing Jews the needed reason for confiscating private firearms. This is the standard Jewish, no-win checkmate i.e. fight to the death or lay down and die. Either way, any opposition to the Jew’s agenda will most assuredly result in death. A Jewish wet-nightmare come true, it’z! Jews carried out this same form of terror with great success in their former Soviet Union, so why would they not do it again in a collectivized America?
Present events mirror the manner in which Jews orchestrated the “sixties revolution,” a “revolution” that brought America “civil rights,” “gun control” legislation, unrestricted immigration and “feminism” while tearing the country apart with its “left-wing” anti-war platform. Now the situation has been turned upside down. It will now be a new “coalition” of “left” and “right” pushing for war, with Iran in the lead for total destruction.
The old “left” and “right” will morph into a new collective, a “coalition of the willing” led by so-called “conservatives” who have openly rejected the alleged “radical” ideas of the “extreme right.” These “conservative” “right-wingers,” are comprised of the same violent psychopaths the media labeled “neo-conservatives” of a few years ago. However, because they were primarily Jews, these “neo-cons” never had the “right wing” label applied to them, as Jews did not want the stupid masses to associate this carefully cultivated hot button term with them at that point. These are the same “neo-cons” that led America into a series of recent major wars in the Near East.
Iran will be the culmination of Israel’s plan to take over the Near East. North Korea is simply a minor diversion so people will not pay attention to what Jews are doing in the Near East. However, the bluster over North Korea is effectively priming the idiot goyim masses for the idea of unrestricted warfare. The people being oppressed in these present confrontations are the people who will undoubtedly protest and fight the Jew’s insane plan to start WWIII. This is the attempt to remove the white “right” so there will be no opposition, only unified support for the coming war will remain.
This is likely the Jew’s final push to destroy what remains of white American resistance. There will be no resistance from the masses of low IQ minorities. Coming events may well lead to civil war. Of course, given their control of the media, Jews control the minds of the gullible, ignorant masses. Therefore, they feel they will be able to favorably manipulate any situation that arises. Given the historical record, Jews have every reason to believe this.
One thing is certain, Judaized American culture has been dumbed down to a point where the gullible goyim cannot think their way out of a paper bag. In turn, Jews capitalize on the mass confusion they created. Thus, the stupid goyim are ripe for the Jew’s next Purim/Holocaust festival slaughter.


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Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis Empty opinie

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