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Russia To The Rescue

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As Russia comes to the rescue of Syria, the Americans grind their teeth with rage, wondering how they can sabotage Russia’s rescue mission.
Sourced from this article by Tyler Durden
with an introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Russian marines before arriving in Syria to prop up the Assad regime
LASHA DARKMOON: There is no suggestion that Russia actually “threatened” to shoot down those four Israeli planes over Syria—assuming this story is true. The threat was implicit when the Russians shooed the Israeli planes off. The Israeli intruders into Syrian air space knew they had no right to be there. Which is why they turned tail and fled before the Russians. Russia was saying to the Israelis in no uncertain terms: “Syria is now our protectorate. You are no longer free to fly your planes over Syria without the consent of President Assad and without Russian approval. KEEP OUT!”
This latest development has enormous consequences for the region.
If Syria has now effectively become a Russian protectorate, it follows logically that NO planes ought henceforth to be allowed to fly over Syrian air space without Assad’s consent and Russian approval. This will apply not only to Israeli planes but, by extension, to American planes, British planes and French planes. The distinction between the “good terrorists” (the so-called Syrian “rebels” backed by the West) and the “bad terrorists” and their affiliates (ISIS and their kind) will soon disappear.
The Russian aim is to support the Assad regime. As such, all the Western-backed “rebel” forces in Syria will henceforth be regarded as deadly enemies of Syria and will probably be destroyed. Putin has every right to bomb the Muslim mercenaries on the American payroll. Anyone who is against Assad will be destroyed with full justification, for there is no proof whatever that Assad is the “war criminal” America and its vassal countries in NATO claims he is. After all, Assad has yet to be tried and found guilty in an international court of law.
Iranian forces and Hezbollah, moreover, have every right to enter Syria and protect it from its enemies — provided they do so with Assad’s permission and Russian approval. Indeed, as the following article by Tyler Durden states clearly, it’s only a matter of time before Russian ground troops enter Syria to prop up the Assad regime.
If war is to be avoided between America and Russia, American ground troops must on no account to be sent into Syria ostensibly to destroy ISIS and its affiliates. Russia can do this quite adequately on its own, without America’s dubious and belated “assistance”. Unfortunately, according to Durden, American intervention now appears to be on the cards.   
With one side, Russia, trying to preserve the Assad regime intact, and with the other side, America, trying to destroy it and replace Assad with a Zionist stooge happy to take orders from Israel, this is a full-blown recipe for disaster. [LD]

While the US was been surprised and angered by the stunningly fast turn of events in Syria where in the span of less than a month Russia unleashed a massive, Syria-based airborne campaign against what it says are ISIS terrorists, even as the US accuses Putin of targeting “moderate rebels”, it has had little recourse in accusing Putin of violating Syrian sovereignty: after all Russia is the only nation that Syria has officially invited to eradicate the “terrorist threat” that is ISIS.
Then, last Friday, Syria raised the stakes once again, when as Bloomberg reported a loyalist of the Assad regime said “terrorism cannot only be fought from the air,” making an appeal for more military involvement to defeat Islamic State.
In a defiant speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem criticized the current approach to fighting the group that has conquered swathes of territory and was encroaching on President Bashar al-Assad’s coastal stronghold in Latakia. Those gains triggered Russian intervention.
 “Air strikes are useless unless they are coordinated with the Syrian Arab army, the only force to combat terrorism,” al-Muallem, who also holds the title of deputy prime minister, told a largely empty assembly hall on Friday, the last day of speeches.
The logical implication is that Syria will next invite, if it hasn’t already done so, Russian troops to join the Russian airforce in eradicating the great ISIS strawman which until recently was the pretext for “coalition” forces to bombard Syria with complete disregard for Syrian sovereignty, and the intention of destroying Assad’s military so the CIA can conclude a regime change with a pro-western leader, one which will permit the passage of a Qatar gas pipeline.
Whether or not this assessment is accurate is irrelevant, because earlier today the US decided to jump right on it, and as CNN reported, according to the latest U.S. assessment of Moscow’s activity in western Syria, “Russia has moved several ground combat weapons and troops into the area to potentially back up Syrian forces in the field planning to attack anti-regime forces, according to two U.S. defense officials.
The U.S. views the move as Russia “stepping up its ground activity” in Syria to attack those forces, rather than ISIS elements, according to one of the officials.
 It’s believed the Russians are positioning the weapons to be able to support a Syrian ground offensive, the officials said.
 The equipment includes several piece of artillery, as well as four BM-30 multiple-launch rocket systems — all considered to be highly accurate weapons. The latter is capable of rapid-fire rocket launches. Several weeks ago, Russia moved about half a dozen artillery pieces into Latakia port.
The U.S. originally had thought that might be for defense of the port, but the latest move is an indication of potential ground attacks in the coming days, the official said. The weapons have been spotted between Homs and Idlib and west of Idlib.
It is not clear if they’re now in final position for possible artillery strikes.
The officials also said that Russia has moved electronic jamming equipment into Syria. Both a truck-mounted system and a number of pods that can go on aircraft have been observed. This could potentially give the Russians the ability to jam electronics of coalition aircraft.
Naturally, when playing the diplomatic game, one never admits or denies one’s true intentions until well after the fact, and moments ago the speaker of the Russian Federation Valentina Matviyenko denied. According to Interfax, Matviyenko said Russia has no intention of taking part in ground operations in Syria.
“We do not intend, and we will not engage in any ground operations” said Matvienko in the meeting with the head of Jordan’s Senate president Abdelraouf al-Rawabdeh. She stressed that the Russian air campaign in Syria is to support the actions of the regular Syrian army against terrorists.
Which, ironically, is the excuse for US presence in Syria too.
What happens next? A very likely course of events is that despite Russia’s denials, the Pentagon will use the gambit of a Russian ground campaign, credible or not, to get permission from Congress to send a “small”, at first, then bigger ground force of US troops in Syria to, you guessed it, “fight ISIS“, but really to do everything to prevent Russian troops from taking over key strategic positions.
What happens then? Well, with the previously discussed Russian naval campaign of Syria as a likely next step, and with both US and Russian warplanes already flying back and forth above Syria, and now both superpowers having a legitimate, if only in the eyes of their own media, justification to dispatch land troops, what was until now a mere proxy war is about to become full blown land combat on Syrian soil, one which will soon involve both Russian and US ground, sea and airborne forces.
The last missing step will be when US cruisers, destroyers and/or battleships park next to the Syrian coastline, within earshot (and every other “shot”) away from comparable Russian warships. Keep tabs on the weekly US naval update, because once several US warships weigh anchor in the vicinity of Syria that will be the catalyst for the next and final escalation.
At that point, the world will be one false flag away from what some could call another world war, only this time one launched not in Serbia but Syria.

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